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Still Going Strong

I love being a runner :) I have tried all my life to get myself healthy and strong enough to run without constant injuries and finally… finally… I am proud to say I AM A RUNNER :) even when I am sick and can’t run I don’t get down on myself even when I have an injury and can’t run I don’t get down on myself… this is a total change from what I use to do.  I would feel bad, think I just was not good enough to be a runner, and give up.  Now I don’t give up… I try again as soon as I feel better, start a little slower, and build back up.  I AM A RUNNER and I will keep going no matter what :)

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January 1st

So I am going to do better tracking and blogging here about my activity.  I always have on Runkeeper, Zombies, Run! and other apps but I think I want a written log too.

Rest day since I am still recovering from pneumonia. Used The Walk app and listened to my awesome playlist since I couldn’t get a story to play like I thought it could.  Oh well, plan B.

So according to my Up Band (which I love by the way) I walked 1.73 miles

I also drank two bottles of water… yay me, my New Year’s resolutions, drink water and sleep more. So far so good on the water… sleeping… so far… the usual… NOT… too many other fun things to do :D

Jan 1, 2014

The Walk app

I had such great hopes and was so excited to start The Walk, in between my running days with Zombies, Run! but now I am just a little confused and frustrated :( I thought that it would be a story that you could follow, like I love on Zombies, Run! while you walked, but so far from what I have tried to figure out, it isn’t :( I think you can only unlock clips, and you have to actually click on them to play them, when they pop up, but I wanted to hear a story that fit my activity… kind of confused, lost, and disappointed. I guess I will just stick to boring walking on rest days while listening to my awesome music playlist instead…. bummed….

Oh and plus, it seems like you can’t post your activity, or keep track of it any way except in the app on your phone… drat, so not what I was hoping for :( because I love Zombies, Run! it truly helped me to become the runner I am today… I hope they make more episodes… soo sooo love it!

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